Requirements at a Glance


To achieve the Global Scholars (GS) designation, students must show strong performance in their academic work; demonstrate foreign language proficiency; incorporate international/global courses and extracurricular activities into their academic studies; and complete a study, work or service learning experience abroad. Students working toward GS designation will be assigned to a faculty mentor--also a Global Scholar--who serves as an advisor to guide the student through the program requirements. 

Student Requirements at a Glance

  • 3.0 grade point average
  • 18 hours of international/global themed coursework, in at least 3 disciplines
  • Demonstrated foreign language oral proficiency
  • Overseas learning experience
  • Attendance at 6 campus or community global themed events
  • Advising appointments with your Global Scholars mentor


Faculty and staff members who integrate international dimensions into their professional lives are also encouraged to become Global Scholars. Faculty and staff Global Scholars serve as mentors to our student applicants.

Faculty & Staff Requirements at a Glance

  • Peer-reviewed scholarly activities with an international or global thesis
  • Study, work or teaching abroad experience
  • Demonstrated foreign language proficiency
  • Documented attendance at international events
  • Participation as a mentor to student applicants