International Events

Participation in a minimum of six (6) international events

To encourage the study of contemporary global issues, Global Scholars are required to attend related extracurricular activities such as lectures, speeches, workshops, events, performances, and the like. The College sponsors many international events and these, along with outside / community events, may be used to meet this requirement. Check the College calendar for upcoming events.

When students meet with their faculty Global Scholars mentor for the first time, they are given a Global Scholar Event Passport, a booklet that is used to document attendance at an international event. Have your Passport with you when you attend, and ask someone in charge to sign it, verifying your attendance.

Global Scholars Passports are turned in to the mentors when the requirements are completed. 

UPDATED April 1, 2020

Given current conditions, all on campus events are cancelled. Nonetheless, you can still experience the world online! The following list of online events will fulfill the requirements for Global Scholars. How do you document your attendance at any or several of these events? Write a 2 sentence description of where you went and what you learned, add it to your Events Passport, and take a selfie of yourself in front of your computer screen enjoying the international world!

(1) Virtual tours of museums around the world: 

Virtual tours: 19 ways to travel from home: 

(2) Online performances:

Understanding Arabic music, performance/demonstration with Simon Shaheeh: 

Finding Fela (documentary on Fela Kuti): 

Silkoad Ensemble concert: 

A Voice Like Egypt (documentary on Umm Kulthum):

Inti-Illimano: Encuentro en el Estudio (all in Spanish):   

(3) Linguistics Club e-talks: April 7, 2020, 5:00-6:00 pm. Seniors Madi Crow (Sí, hablo dialecto -- presented in English) and Blaine Billings (Modality and what should would be acceptable) will present their research from their Bachelors Essays.